When was the last time you heard a team member say, “I’ve been here ten years and I’ve never been invested in. And I’m okay with that.” Probably never. Team Members like to feel valued and be invested in. We’ve got a few tips that can help you ensure that your team members are feeling invested in.

Tip #1: Training seminars. Whether it’s an online training seminar or an in-person seminar, send your team member if it is going to benefit them and it’s something that they’re interested in pursuing. This isn’t limited to just training seminars though, it includes conferences, expos, and classes at your local university. We send our HR team to a one-day Space Coast Conference event in the Spring and HR Florida Conference & Expo – a three-day event – in the Fall.

Tip #2: Coaching sessions. Plan one-on-one sessions with your team members to coach them. In these sessions, you can also see what they’re wanting to do in life – whether it be with your company or another company. Coaching sessions can be done as frequently as your availability allows.

Tip #3: Opportunities. Give your team members opportunities to learn new aspects within your company. If you have a team member currently working in Accounting who mentioned wanting to learn more about another department, set up a few hours for them to shadow that department and learn about the day-to-day responsibilities that those team members handle.