Our Story

Right Growth was founded in 2013 by David & Heather Johnson, who saw a real need for entrepreneurs to have access to an infrastructure normally reserved for businesses of greater size and tenure.

One of our key elements is ‘scalability.’ Some businesses rely on our entire array of services, most of our customers start with their immediate needs and gradually turn more and more of their daily operations over to us.

Helping businesses grow is why we get up in the morning. It’s our passion, put to use to allow you to pursue your passions. It doesn’t get any more win-win than that!

Our Vision

Accelerating entrepreneurial growth.

Our Mission

Our mission is to accelerate entrepreneurial growth by helping businesses stay focused on what they do best. We accomplish this through a suite of scalable support services to meet people, cash flow, and customer service needs.

What does that mean to your business? For each client, it might look different, but it always means when you partner with Right Growth Management you get a team of professionals who specialize in areas that may not be your passion or strength, and we focus on those areas so you can concentrate on what it is you do best. Isn’t that why you started a business in the first place?


We believe integrity is more important than profit.

We believe respect is the cornerstone for all relationships and we give it openly to everyone.

We believe without growth people and organizations will fail to reach their potential.

We believe service is best delivered with a smile and a solution.

We believe efficiency brings unity and simplicity, which fuels business growth.

We believe having fun and being top-notch professionals are not mutually exclusive.